Thursday, April 1, 2010

This is a local coffee shop in Gettysburg. They have great coffee and art openings and the upstairs is fun to spend time reading the paper.
I drew this after one of those days when I was really tired.
My nana used to get her hair done here when it was a gas station. It was a gas station with a hair salon inside. I used to love going there with her because there were all of these pictures on the walls of ladies with big bouffant hairdos, like my nana had. I always thought the combs in the Barbicide looked cool, too.

This year I tried to draw a page in my journal every day as a way to make sense and appreciate different stuff in my life and I guess as just a creative outlet. It became more of a chore, though, so I thought, well maybe I'll just do it from now on whenever the need should arise.

This is a map I drew of Gettysburg. It's kind of fun to do these and then look back at them and find out which businesses have left or are still present.

Pretty simple. Caffeine can help.

This is the barn from the farm my grandparents had. I used to look at it every day, but now I live a few miles away in the hills. I loved this barn as a kid because it presented endless exploring opportunities. It was sold a few years ago to a developer, but they went into foreclosure so I'm not sure what will happen to it now.
This is a nice, classic barbershop in Gettysburg. A lot of guys and their sons get their hair cut there. I liked how the building looked - not much different that it probably did in the 1950's or 60's.