Monday, June 25, 2012

Sunday, June 17, 2012

This is a big bird in the trees.
Another bird in the trees.
We live in the woods. We are surrounded by trees. My studio window looks out onto the trees. I hear birds everywhere this time of year. I can't help but draw trees and birds whenever I am facing a blank sheet of paper. It's almost like a form of meditation.
I hate the idea that I might be a nagging neatnik in our home, but I'm afraid I might be. In any case, I drew this in a way to vent from having to pick up stuff in the house. I get more crazy about this sort of thing in the winter when we are all stuck inside more often than not and there is snow and wood and dirt and food tracked in from every corner. Taking a walk outside helps, too. 
This is our family portrait. I had to do it for an art history class I took in the fall. I did it in the spirit of one of the Medieval mosaics in the chapel in Ravenna, Italy. My hunny and I are in the center with our three boys. My folks are on one side, his mom is on the other and our boys' moms with their families are at the bottom.
This is how I felt towards the end of the school year. That kind of tired feeling you feel when you've got that long list of things to do and even when you do try and do all of the stuff you want to do, things get messed up or you just end up being wrong so much of the time. That's when I feel like I might be better off staying in bed all day - if not, really, then at least in my imagination.
This is the trip I will be making with the boys throughout the summer.It is really nice to have a foot in the country and a barefoot at the beach.