Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I wrote this when I was dating my man and every day I'd practically run to the answering machine to see if he had called. Of course, if he hadn't, I was disappointed. I had to talk myself through to my worth in order to figure out I was still okay even if there were no messages on my machine.
There are acres of apple orchards behind our home. I like to walk through them. This is a depiction of a moment during apple harvest. I saw all of these ladders propped up against the trees. They looked so surreal, like, "is someone living up in the tree?" They look quite beautiful at all stages in the year.

Just a small phrase I think I need to remember more often.

I took a really cool walk on the beach when we were in Florida. This isn't me, but it represents an imaginary tropical world that I think I actually saw in Naples.

I made this after our family's trip to Florida in September.