Her pants felt tight against her skin and she wondered if her bloat was a result of too much soup the night before. Soup was one of her favorite things, next to barbecue corn chips and Ravel's Bolero. Lately, however, she'd been wondering if she had been overdoing it. Her breath reeked of onions or at least that's what her roommate, Samantha, was quick to reveal to her,"Do you ever brush your teeth?" Her soup routine went something like this: open an envelope of Lipton Onion, mix half of it with a can of diced tomatoes and add any additional frozen or canned vegetables she had laying around along with half a package of ramen noodles. This seemed to always fit the bill after a long day of commuting back and forth from the city. She needed the soup because it calmed her much like pizza did when she was in college. Now that she was a professional, her pizza days were over unless she had to meet a client at an upscale trattoria with a wood burning oven. Soup was her medicine and bloated or not, she was going to the store to pick up two more boxes of Lipton onion, three cans of tomatoes and a six pack of Oriental flavored ramen.


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