We took a ferry from one part of Costa Rica to another.
It was really hot, but the breeze on the water was super refreshing.

The car my hunny rented was like a small suv that he was able to get all three of his surfboards on. The lighter/charger stopped working in it so we had to keep all of our phones charged before driving anywhere for navigation purposes.

 We rented a house at a hostel-like place.
It was awesome with a porch, loft and kitchen
and air conditioning.

They served us a free breakfast each morning of toast, fruit and coffee.
It was weird to get a little tired of bananas and watermelon.
My guys were craving pancakes by the end of our stay.

 This is the beautiful yard area surrounding the property.

Outdoor sink with recycling containers nearby. 

 Boards and bikes could be rented there, too.
I wouldn't have dared to rent a bike. The roads were so rough and pot-holed.
I would have had a hard time navigating them and staying out of the way of the 4-wheelers, other suvs and buses, trucks, etc.

 The whole place was cleaned daily by three women. I appreciated being able to say "Buenos dias" to them each day. They also taught us that the mouse droppings we thought were newly deposited on our porch each morning were actually from bats flying around at night.
 I ventured off on my own once and was so hot, I stopped at a sports bar for refreshment. Even though they had all kinds of good looking craft beers, I opted for the standard Imperial on tap. When the bartender told me how much it was, I really wasn't sure if I heard her correctly. I still hope I left enough colones.
While our little guy was getting 
a much needed haircut, my guy and I waited at a nearby Israeli style restaurant. We had some of the best pita bread and tahini there. It made me want to travel to that part of the world next.


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