I had a job interview yesterday for a bank teller position. Let me tell you how ill-suited I would be for this position. Potentially 9-6 Monday through Friday, every other Saturday, occasional staff meetings at 7:45, responsibility for cash drawers, (as in I have to make up the difference if they are wrong), and having to "sell" banking products like savings accounts and internet banking (yikes!). All I was looking to do was get a nice simple job where I get to greet people and wish them a nice day. (Perhaps I should get a job at Walmart?)
Questions I should have asked my interviewers are as follows:
  • Can I keep a bag of snacks by my desk and be allowed to nosh from it whenever I want?
  • Can I pick my teeth with a toothpick whenever there are no customers?
  • Can I watch "Big Bang" reruns on the computer or work on any of my craft projects when there are no customers?
Had I asked these I might have gotten out of that no-windows boardroom a lot quicker.


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