I work at an independent movie theater. We show small budget films that are either foreign or especially artful. I enjoy working there for the most part. Sometimes, at night, however, I am a little anxious to get home to my family. I try not to get too impatient with the lingering movie patrons, but there are times when I just want to yell out at that lone couple sitting in the back of the theater, "IT WAS FILMED IN TURKEY-ALRIGHT-ALREADY!"


  1. Oh yes. I do miss your sense of humor. How is my quirky, passionate, super-fun, funky, loving, awesome-laugh, huge-heart, creative, freshman-hallway neighbor, these days? (I mean the part about having an awesome laugh...I can still hear the one that bursts out of you, that you can't keep in. Actually, I'm going to hold onto that thought for the rest of the day.) Thinking of you...and your laughter.


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