She wanted to tell someone her new plan for existence - only talk to those people who knew a lot. That way, she could learn all she needed to know from them without having to learn it from personal experiences or books. She thought this was a brilliant idea except for the fact that it was hard to find the people who knew a lot amongst the people who acted like they knew a lot. It was easy to distinguish them by looks because most know-it-alls dressed the part (a little better than everyone else). People who actually knew a lot dressed like her grandma or the guy down the street who mowed his lawn every Saturday morning at 7 o'clock - people that don't have anything to prove to anyone but themselves. Still, it was hard to find those people to talk with at cocktail parties and art openings and Starbucks, places where she went for social interaction.If she wanted to talk with the people who really knew their stuff, she'd have to call her grandma more often than holidays and maybe even  bake the lawnmower guy some cookies and take them down to him on a Saturday afternoon while he's cracking open a cold one. Maybe then she might really learn some interesting tidbits of information.


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