Sheila wasn't sure what started her reaction to frozen foods. Was it the time she was at the grocery store and saw the man unloading lima beans from the aisle into the freezer cases? Or was it the time her grandma had her search inside her cellar deep freeze for the last bag of shelled black walnuts she had been saving for a batch of chocolate chip cookies? Whichever it was, Sheila avoided the two aisles in the grocery store that carried them. The few times she did encounter a bag of Birds Eye lima beans or box of ice cream sandwiches, her stomach twisted up into knots and she usually excused herself to the restroom. She did have a theory on her aversion. The time her older brother locked her into the meat locker at the butcher shop where he worked when she was 7 years old left a lasting impression on her. He apologized to her, afterall, it was his first job and he was still learning the ropes and why in the heck did mom make him give his family a tour of the place, anyways? Sheila was starting to think that is when her weird fear began. Becoming a box of chopped asparagus spears was a recurring nightmare for her and one she prayed would never happen as a result of her transgressions in this karmic universe.


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